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Calculation of Carbon Monoxide Output, Nippon Biomass

Nippon proposes that their new 'biomass' boiler should be allowed a carbon monoxide emissions limit of 0.35 lb/MMBtu/hr. (Translation: "0.35 pounds of carbon monoxide per million British thermal units per hour"). OK, now what does that mean? Using this figure, they arrive at 643.9 tons of carbon monoxide per year. Here's how ---

Their proposed new boiler has a heat input of 420 MMBtu/hour.

420 MMBtu/hr x 0.35 lb/MMBtu/hr = 147 lb/hr

147 lb/hr x 24 hr/day = 3,528 lb/day

3,528 lb/day x 365 days/yr = 1,287,720 lb/yr

1,287,720 lb/yr / 2,000 lb/ton = 643.9 tons/yr

There you go.

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