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NOAA2: NOAA Expanding Here? More on 'ocean acidification.' Plus, initial comments on Governor Gregoire''s "blue ribbon panel on ocean acidification"

[Last revision 05-06-12]

NOAA being the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Here being Port Angeles, Washington.

Our Peninsula Daily News for March 8, 2012 on page A4 reported, "The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is looking at how it could expand its footprint in Port Angeles." Did they mean "footprint on Port Angeles?"

Don't let them pull the seaweed (that's algae, you know?) over your eyes. (When I was a much younger man, a common expression was, "Don't let them pull the wool over your eyes." We need more such skepticism these days. Don't be a sheep ... or an algae). Take a hard look at NOAA. They have become illegitimate and do not belong among decent people. They are just another propaganda arm of a rogue government that's scaring children and those with childish minds about the environment to achieve political ends inimical to our American way of life. This is behavior only thugs and dictators try. It is sedition.

Both the 'Global Warming' gambit (including 'Climate Change' and 'Climate Disruption') and 'more acidic oceans/ocean acidification' are only part of a psychological war on decent people. They were always intended to be a distraction. That is right. It is akin to the fake planes and tanks used during World War II; like the false radio traffic employed to make it look like there were more units or to make the enemy believe an attack was coming at a different time or place. It is part of the 'noise' of battle, and too many people bought the deception. It "got legs" and almost succeeded beyond their original intentions.

So, where is the real attack? It is becoming clear that the attack is in the form of high indoor carbon dioxide, CO2, levels supported by high local outdoor levels --- not "atmospheric" or "global" levels. (See blog post on obesity and autism and piece on Biomass Overdose). I can demonstrate that the people waging this war have consistently, given a choice, opted to increase the local CO2 level whereever they could. The only times they don't is where they can create more chaos directly by not. (This a topic for another time, but include the push for biomass while recently outlawing wood stoves in parts of Washington state; pushing electric vehicles while driving up the cost of motor vehicle fuel. More people not able to heat their homes or drive their cars increases the burden on society. Somewhere on the "Global Warming Lie" page is a piece on Maximizing CO2).

If this attack remains unchecked, our Republic will be destroyed. The result will be tyranny. Scratch that. The result will be more tyranny, complete tyranny.

I have exposed NOAA's lies in some of my earlier writing. It seems necessary to do it once more. Turning to The Peninsula Daily News again, this time for March 4, 2012, Page D1, I observe the same tired old NOAA lies being dragged out by Craig Welch of The Seattle Times --- "Ocean researchers dive deeper into acidification." Subtitle, "Study looks into changes humans have caused."

Mr.Welch makes much of "corrosive waters." The contention is the oceans are becoming more corrosive. If we are to believe that the pH is declining, then the truth is that the water is becoming less corrosive because it is becoming less alkaline, just the opposite of the claim. This trend, if real, is toward neutrality. Anyone who puts a boat or trailer into these waters knows how corrosive they already are. As the pH falls, the corrosiveness will first become less. There is a long way to go before the waters will become acidic and a longer way even still before they become as corrosive because of acidity as they now are because of alkalinity.

So, the whole "oceans becoming more acidic" is a lie. They won't be acidic at all until they first reach neutrality, pH of -7.0, and they can't become more acidic until then. Any scientist of merit would not dare speak or write this garbage that is attributable to NOAA. A scientist should know that pH is a logarithmic scale and, in this circumstance of a change from pH -8.1 to -7.7, represents a 150 percent difference (two and one half times as much). It takes a real stretch to believe that the small change in atmospheric CO2 would cause such a large change in the oceans. By the way, it would take another 400 percent to reach neutrality at pH -7.0 (five times as much). A change from -8.1 to -7.0 would be 1,159 percent. If pH -6.0 is as corrosive an acid as -8.0 is as a base, then the difference is some ten thousand percent.

The so-called "acidification" was noticed off the Oregon and Washington coast, yet it has been generalized or globalized. NOAA knows that there has been increased volcanic activity off this coastline. They even revealed that the CO2 laden water was "welling up" (Contains valuble link to an earthquake map for Western Washington and more. An indepth analysis of up welling can be found here) off the coast. They know that this is not human caused. (The oceans and not man are the source of the increase in the atmosphere CO2. Warmer oceans cannot hold as much as prior. The "Pacific Rim Of Fire" is like a hotplate under the ocean. [Anecdote: While looking for the real site of "The Battle of the Coral Sea" in William Manchester's book on MacArthur, American Caesar, I found a statement that the marines on Iwo Jima had to contend with the heat from volcanic steam. I assume CO2 too. See page 278. By the way, it should be called "The Battle of the Solomon Sea." These days it would only get mention as a great ecological disaster. It may occur to you that all those scare stories about the dying coral because of man-made CO2 may just be more propaganda --- more 'noise.' If Iwo Jima had a volcanic problem, then maybe a lot of places in the South Pacific do. The amount of volcanic activity is not a constant. More could easily account for the coral problem]).

NOAA has also disclosed the increase in algae off our coast. Algae love CO2. On dark days and at night, they will remove large amounts of oxygen from the surrounding water and leave large amounts of CO2. I believe this source of CO2 is being attributed to humans too by NOAA. We have been informed of "dead zones" off this coast also, but no connection to the CO2 from undersea volcanoes or algae was made if I recall correctly. You can check it out for yourself.

This particular CO2 increase in the water has been rapid and only recent, but the atmospheric change has been gradual over a long time. The change has also been local and not global and is not to the same extent in waters closest to the sources of the manmade emissions where the local concentrations in contact with the water are higher.

Here is something else to ponder: If the oceans and the earth are warmer and the ice is melting causing the sea levels to rise, would not this extra fresh water dilute the oceans and, thus, lower the pH?

Nothing fits the man-made acidification assertion. I'd like to find some prison uniforms that would fit the people responsible for this and other deceptions. They belong behind bars. They don't belong in Port Angeles or anywhere decent people live.

Abolish NOAA!

Coming soon --- the NOAA Mauna Loa Fraud.

In the meantime, please see the new blog post on obesity, autism, etc..

The Peninsula Daily News, Page D3, April 1, 2012, informs us Governor Gregoire has convened a "panel to address water acidification." (Note: Even this is obfuscation --- Look for "Blue Ribbon Panel on Ocean Acidification" ). The irony is that Gregoire has done more to increase the amount of carbon dioxide, CO2, in Washington State than anyone else while she headed the Department of Ecology. The article contains the usual lies, but beware! It leaves out the pH data. They must have figured out how bad and stupid it makes them look and how it exposed them for the evil manipulators and charlatans they are. Don't let them get away with that. Continually throw it in their faces.

One paragraph jumped out at me, "Some of the highest readings of seawater activity in the world have been recorded in Hood Canal." (It makes me suspect that there just might be some under water venting of CO2). Please see my stuff on Hood Canal and Jan Newton. You will understand why. Newton could not say CO2. She harped upon low oxygen. I stomped all over her. I should feel flattered that they have been forced to see things somewhat my way, but I am fearful that they will be able to spin it to their advantage. How do you explain the big push for biomass burners just before convening this panel?

The usual reluctance to say algae is present. They only say phytoplankton and seaweeds.

Double beware: "I think it is great that Washington state is on the cutting edge of this issue. I think we will come up with a set of actions that will make a difference." (Jay Manning, one of the panel leads).

Manning is a previous head of the Ecology Department and Gregoire lackey. You can find the names of the rest here --- many of the usual suspects, including Newton.

After reading one release by the Governor, it ocurred to me later that they may be trying this ploy because they realize 'global warming,' etc. have failed, and they are trying to make a distinction between that and acidification. Just a feeling I have at this stage.

Please read the blog page on obesity, autism, etcetera. Be advised --- they care more about oysters than they do kids!

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