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(March 2012) Some Vindication --- CO2 and Obesity

[Last revision 05-06-12]

I have been making the connection of high CO2 to obesity for years. It is a hopeful sign that some Danish researchers may have blown the lid off this, and connections may soon be made to such things as autism, ADD/ADHD, violence, and a host of other things I explain elsewhere --- "Biomass Overdose, (I like my reasoning more). If obesity, can diabetes be long after?

(The case of the beserk Jet Blue pilot has just hit the news cycle. The CO2 in the aircraft may have got him just like it has flight attendants and passengers. The flight attendants have been complaining for years about the CO2 in the cabin. I wonder how many are on disability because of it. Now we have the first pilot that we know of. Yes, CO2 causes anxiety, induces paranoia, and manifests in a panic attack, violence, or withdrawal --- flee, fight, or turn inward. Withdrawal and turning inward pretty much describe autism).

Update 3-29-12: A Seattle doctor interviewed on "The Daily Wrap from The Wall Street Journal" radio show last night claimed 40 million Americans suffer from anxiety and the number is increasing rapidly. Many of them are treated with xanax pills. Disgusting. So is Michael Castner. Then, why was I listening? My secret. More indoor CO2, anyone? And, don't forget all the kids on ritalin.

There is a golden opportunity to finally expose what the EPA, environmentalists, ecologists, greenies, watermelons and assorted misanthropes have been up to for the past 50 some years. We must seize the discourse and steer it right. My fear is that we will allow them to keep pushing their lies. Consider that they may be preparing for an "October Surprise." Gregoire's panel to address water acidification, referred to on my NOAA expanding webpage, is supposed to make its recommendations by October 1. We have desperate people, a desperate president. They have no morals. Be prepared.

These are the people who forced CO2 upon us. Never forget it. Never let them forget it. It is not the atmospheric CO2 that makes people obese (or anxious, paranoid, or violent). There is not enough of an increase (if there really is one, it is not man-made). It is the very large increases in the CO2 in our buildings that these very same people have forced upon us by their energy efficiency programs, rules, and laws that is the source of the problem. (These were forced on all areas of the country through bribery and extortion of state and local officials). There are a few local areas where the high outdoor concentration contributes, mostly because it results in even higher indoor levels where we spend the majority of our time. The local level sets the baseline for the indoor level and is due to the forced change in emissions by the same bunch of criminals. They are the same scum who are making a shortage of land, timber, water, fish, energy, health care --- you name it. They make the problems and set themselves up to be our saviours. Wake up! You make a shortage of air by loading it with CO2.

Our schools, homes, and offices are full of C02 because they are so air-tight. The problems this has caused have been evident for years, but they have been denied and covered up (the CDC has been a prime mover in the misinformation) while the unending focus has been on atmospheric CO2 or global levels. Why? (Look for my up coming piece on "noise." Read all these webpages for now. But, I must say a bit more --- recall all the news about "sick building" and "tight building?" Noise. It was the CO2 not the dust mites, carbon monoxide, radon, fomaldehyde, etcetera, that the CDC threw at us).

I am currently most concerned with making the connection of high local CO2 to the amount of autism. I consider it a "near-SIDS event." Some years ago, researchers (real scientists) connected CO2 and SIDS.

We are told that one in 110 children born now have autism. For the military, it is one in 88. Have you seen the Joe Montegna public service announcement? I assert the rate for the military is higher because a larger percentage of military families live in government quarters where the "make it more air tight" mania has been carried out more thoroughly than for non government housing. (Plus, there is the same political reason for doing so as there was for "Fast and Furious"). The CO2 in such buildings is higher.

How long can we remain viable if one percent of our children have autism? If the ADD/ADHD rate continues? We are told that the military experiences more domestic violence. Now you know why.

Update 3-29-12: The Centers for Disease Control, CDC, released a new report today according to CBS News. There's a new acronym I haven't seen before. ASD is for autism spectrum disorders. I hate this and most other acronyms. I wonder why the CDC has taken the military data for the current number for the country? I can imagine. (Just how, with the wide swings among different states, did the percentage equal the military's rate)? The different impact on boys and girls is staggering. They claim 1 in 54 boys and 1 in 252 girls were diagnosed with it. I have noted for years that females have a greater tolerance for CO2. This is just what I expected. It is the reason boys have more ADD/ADHD. Girls are different from boys. Imagine. They were made that way so they could be the home makers. (Some may prefer they evolved or adapted over the ages, spending more time indoors where the highest levels were found). The report also points out that ASD is more prevalent in Utah than Alabama. Just what I would expect. It is colder in Utah. Therefor, kids spend more time indoors and energy conservation (air tight buildings) is pushed more. With wildly different rates in different parts of the country, it is not likely that the overall rate would conveniently happen to be the same as the military rate. They had to make it the same or questions would be asked. They need biomass in areas where there isn't already enough local CO2 so there isn't a noticeable difference in the incidence of such things as ADD/ADHD, autism, etcetera.

The difference in incidences of autism and ADD/ADHD between boys and girls reinforces my belief that CO2 is the cause of autism. It is easy to demonstrate the relation of CO2 and ADD/ADHD. One only need look at what teachers reported happening in 'airtight' schools --- things such as inability to concentrate, anxiety, feeling as if the world were pressing in on them (paranoia), irritable, etcetera. And, these were adults, mostly women. The impact could be two to three times on children! Maybe we should consider it a war on boys.

The people who have done this to us want chaos. Connect the dots. Look at "Occupy Wall Street" and the forces behind that.

Years ago, we were on the right track. We were about to build many nuclear plants that would have provided more than enough energy. We built dams. We built fossil fuel power plants. We turned from the heroic to the cowardly. Without vetting CO2, we embraced it. Why do you suppose God didn't choose complete combustion? That was one of my question to some scientist I sought out. I also would ask, "What is the carbon monoxide cycle?" Scientists? I don't think so!

I once wrote a piece on the 'carbon monoxide cycle.' I need to upload it again. We heard so much about the 'carbon dioxide cycle' and nothing about the monoxide. Back then you could search "carbon monoxide cycle" and the only hit was on my piece. I started asking everyone on the forums, "What is the carbon monoxide cycle?" Soon a bunch of noise/garbage about it would turn up when a search was made, making it harder to find my piece. I haven't tried that search in years. As I write this, I wonder what I'll get next time. (Well, I know. I tried. The piece of mine you will find, I forgot about. It is not the original, but I was pleasantly surprised. (It is on the first page of hits at google and bing if you place it in quotes). I was also pleased to find an image/picture of the monoxide cycle at (FigCO03 --- google better). Wait, it's wrong! The upper top, in the upper atmosphere, the equation is wrong! Just accidental, right? Not in my opinion. I have had too much experience with the dissembling on this issue (my piece on Forks referenced just such a simple error). FigCO03 is supposed to be about monoxide, CO, so CO2 is wrong. The other thing they won't tell you is that loose oxygen atom, O, on the right side of the equation can attach to another CO or to an O2 molecule making an O3 molecule, which is ozone. They definitely don't want you to know that! Monoxide was demonized,(Never was a threat outdoors), and decreased dramatically. New EPA regs are trying to reduce it even more (It is one of their selling points, still) and it is almost nonexistent. Almost nothing makes very much these days. Do you suppose it is deliberately done to decrease the ozone level? Will nature try to start more forest fires to attain 'equilibrium?' It's complicated).

Think about the heroic. Think about the Fukushima disaster. Think about those heroes. Think about Chernobyl and those heroes. Even a low probability with such enormous potential for disaster is scary. Nuclear still has a relatively good record. What if they had had flooded the reactors at Fukushima with CO2 or dry ice instead of seawater. How hard would it be to be prepared to do that in the future? We would want to be able to contain the CO2 gas and turn it back into dry ice and recycle it into the reactor. CO2 cools the fire and smothers it. It was once widely used for fire fighting, but cannot be mentioned anymore. Newer technology also makes nuclear safer.

On the other hand, the certainty of the destruction of our society with high indoor and local levels of CO2 or a war on fossil fuels is scarier. We cannot long survive with one percent of our children with autism. Throw in ADD/ADHD, violence, etcetera. A wise man once told me that CO2 would first result in self-mutilation, licentiousness, and then people turning against each other. What have you observed? Tatoos? Body piercing? Drugs? (The extra hole in Whitney Houston's nose? She has my love for her version of "The Star Spangled Banner". In a sense, Bobby Brown is correct when he claims Whitney's death is not his fault. You know who brought this plague upon us). Promiscuity? Violence? Wake up!

Even many more fossil fuel power plants to provide cheap power so people wouldn't have to seal themselves in with CO2 is preferable as long as they are built in remote areas where the CO2 would disperse before reaching populated areas. It doesn't require a great distance. The problem is not with the atmosphere; it is indoors and local. It may or may not have risen ten percent globally, but it has risen 100 to 500 percent or more indoors and significantly in many local areas for many people.

The business of man is man. Anyone who thinks otherwise is a misanthrope. (You can find out who are the misanthropes here --- same as above --- "Biomass Overdose"). Question: Can a misanthrope accuse anyone of misogyny? We have observed it a lot recently. Many have been misled. "Man" has nothing to do with gender. It refers to humankind. A misanthrope hates all humans. In order to divide the genders, they accuse decent people of being women haters or misogynists. They relish the chaos this causes. There is no war on women. There is a war on decent people.

You can see the slimey trail the misanthropes have left. Push them aside. We can fix the problems and deal with the future. There is no other way. We are not all "hollow men." And, "the harpies of the shore" are not going to pluck us. (Remember, "men" is humans and "harpies" includes 50 percent males).

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