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Esimating CO2

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Biomass, an overdose (Crushing timed-release pills)

(Everything revised except original letter. Most recent revision 11-19-10. Previously titled “Biomass Manifesto”).

"…the people ought to provide against their own annihilation." (James Burgh).

There's been a last minute change to the Order of Battle. We are moving the United States Marine Corps to the front. In honor of Veterans' Day, 2010, the 2nd Battalion, 5th Marines will be allowed to "draw first blood."

"Indoor air quality, especially the excessive carbon dioxide buildup common in poorly ventilated barracks, affects recruit physical performance, cognitive retention, mental health, regeneration, and rest. Excessive CO2 is associated with malaise, fatigue, headaches, and inattention.

Excess disease generates sick days, light duty days, drops, and recycles. Excess disease significantly taxes our training processes and facilities. 31% more disease requires 31% more medical personnel, more treatment time, more facilities, more costs, and more secondary hospitalizations. 31% more disease generates 31% more lost training days, more re-training time, more transportation and supervision, more paperwork processing, and more lost instructor-days."

Warning: I have exercised editorial license above. Nothing is taken out of context. Nothing should be misleading. The whole USMC Position Paper can be found by following a link below. Can you develope a plan to overload our medical system and have people crying for medical care? How about a plan to crash other institutions? Keep reading.

Our job now is to follow our Marines and "mop up." The enemy still has many hiding places. We will need to crawl through many rat holes and analyze many documents left behind. It will be hard and dirty work.

I'd also like to honor Col. Lewis Millett, my Commanding Officer, Fort Devens, MA, 1966. For his actions in Korea, he was awarded The Congressional Medal of Honor. Look it up. You'll be proud, very proud. He died November 14, 2009.

Fix bayonets! We're going to attack!

Below, you will first find what was intended to be a letter to a newspaper, adhering to a maximum number of words requirement and, thus, limited. Much was unsaid, and some hurt could result, which is probably unavoidable but not intended (except for some who have been enumerated). The intent is to save. It will become more clear if you stick with it. After the letter, a series of explanations and justifications for the material in the letter were written. It was easier for this old man to string them together here than start over. (Note: Nippon is a paper mill in Port Angeles, Washington that has proposed adding a 20 megawatt "biomass" electrical generator).

We'll be taking no prisoners today.

[The letter].

Where is the scientist who will expose Jan Newton, UW Applied Physics Laboratory, and her Hood Canal lies?

Algae replaced the oxygen when we finally got some sunny days, not wind. Live algae remove oxygen on dark days and at night. Algae are carbon-based life forms, fed by CO2 not nitrates or phosphates.

The last real scientist I met was in 1962. As new chairman of UW Psychology Department, he warned that careful "over crowding" experiments proved the controlling factor was CO2, not space. (Crowding and low CO2 --- no problem. No crowding, high CO2 --- problems).

Increasing CO2 results in (not necessarily causes) more anxiety, stress, sleeplessness, depression, paranoia, withdrawal/isolation, homosexuality, anger, rage, "swarming"/gangs, infanticide, rape, and killing. Attention deficiency, bipolar, and autism fit. Finally, reproduction stops; society collapses.

Within a decade, we began importing CO2 puking cars and changing all emissions. Soon we rejected nuclear energy and tried to make buildings airtight. Then our foremost CO2 pusher was promoted to Governor. She now pushes "Biomass," further maximizing local CO2, the stuff in our faces. It is now 300 to over 1,000 percent higher than it used to be.

What will algae do with more biomass burners on Hood Canal?

Newton never mentions CO2.

Some senses are telling your brain that there are three to five times as many people in your home as your eyes.

I estimate over 200 million "phantom" people in Puget Sound.

Give Nippon back their dam (free with upgrades). Reconsider 1950's emissions.

Go nuclear. No carbon tax.

[End of letter].

[First added explanation --- much revised].

CO2 pushers, Jan Newton, and most so-called “scientists” deserve the worst. I have a lot to back this up. (see "Hood Canal," "Acidic Oceans," "Warming Lie," and our blog elsewhere at this website). How about you "pond scum" types in that big complex on West Sequim Bay? You cannot be an algae expert and not mention CO2. Did you know that algae provide 70 percent of the world's oxygen. They make it from CO2. We could even claim that the algae made all of the earth's oxygen --- when the earth was still hot and had only CO2 in its atmosphere, it was the algae that first appeared and started making the earth inhabitable before there were trees. (Do you wonder how the earth ever cooled off if its atmosphere was 100 percent CO2? How come it didn't just burn up --- "global warming," don't you know)?

The victims of the high CO2 levels are entitled to respect and kindness. There are other victims for which I didn’t have enough words to address, for example, the children who are neglected. Yes, neglect of the young is one more thing observed. Then, there are the drug addicts because of anxiety, stress, depression, and attention deficiency.

There are more, (the victims of bullying and domestic violence just popped into my head --- I almost don't know when and how to stop listing them) and we haven’t even considered those related to changes in metabolism, however minimal. (And it may not be that minimal. If we exale 5 percent CO2, 50,000 ppm, and if, as appears likely, we now submit to 1,000 to 2,000 ppm more under our noses, because of partial pressures and diffusion of gases, our lungs may have to keep 2 to 4 percent more of the CO2 that would have been exhaled. It seems that three things can happen. Metabolism can decrease, we breathe more deeply, and/or we breathe more frequently. One makes us fatter. Two make us more tired. Any toxin in the air is considered to be 2 to 3 times as strong for children. Children crawl. When they finally go upright, they have shorter stature than adults, and they continue to play on the floor. The CO2 concentration near the floor is higher because CO2 is more dense than air. Cold air is more dense than warm air, which is why the cold air return for a forced air heating system is in or near the floor. And, CO2 is more dense than cold air. A 2,000 ppm increase then, for children would be above the 5,000 ppm OSHA limit for healthy adults and for only 8 hours, 40 hours per week in the workplace). The increases in diabetes, Alzheimer’s, obesity, and all the things I enumerate probably correlate more closely to the CO2 level, particularly the local level, than the temperature does. And, they won’t be going down soon as the temperature will. (Puget Sound is a basin or bowl. How do we fare versus more open areas? Go ahead, jump ahead of me and find out on your own).

Obesity may be a special case. In addition to the metabolic factor, depressed and tired kids don’t want to exercise. They turn to “comfort food,” (another drug?).

At last, I get around to the big one --- homosexuality. I am aware of the hurt that can be generated even mentioning it. None is intended. I believe homosexuals need to know this. I believe they would want to know it so they can protect their children, other family members, and friends. And, yes from homosexuality too. I also believe they want to protect their country. They may be the first at risk if CO2 promoted or induced confusion and chaos should become the pretext for some kind of “take-over,” and I assert that it is.

If you equate the cry, “End ‘don’t ask, don’t tell'” with Mao’s, “Let a thousand flowers bloom,” you know what comes next. I believe our enemies understand fully the concept of “a thousand cuts.” They measure their successes in inches, millimeters, and parts per million. They have been at work on this over 40 years.

I am on Nippon's side, just not in this. People may turn on them just as they did the Rayonier paper mill in Port Angeles when emissions were changed. (It was forced to shut down, and has since been torn down). Rayonier was closer in to the people and, as a Kraft mill, made more CO2. I believe Nippon by itself doesn't exceed the threshold to cause much concern. That could change with the "biomass" boiler (I put biomass in quotes because it is a fraud. Oil, coal, natural gas, peat, dog manure, and diamonds are also "biomass." Low oxygen at the bottom of bodies of water has always been the norm, otherwise we would have no oil, coal, natural gas, or diamonds. There would be no centuries old ships to find. All would have decomposed before the sediments could cover and compress them. Would someone inform Newton of that)?

I estimate the new boiler will produce 385,000 tons of CO2 per year, based on 20 trucks per day each carrying 30 tons, 350 work days, (all Nippon's data. Someone has disputed me when I used Nippon's 30 tons per truck. He claimed 15 tons is the largest available out here. If so, it will take twice as many trucks because that much wood is also required using the heat input, 420 MMBtu/hour. See "Forks Biomass," Part 2 for that method), a 50 percent carbon content for the wood, and the relative atomic weights of CO2 and carbon, 44:12, as follows:

20 trucks x 30 tons x 350 days x 50 percent x 44/12 = 385,000 tons of CO2 per year.

(The proposed Port Townsend one will be close to 500,000 tons although most of that is already being produced. The two additional ones proposed for Shelton will add some one million tons of CO2 per year, right on Hood Canal, near all those oysters and algae).

The Nippon output is equivalent to the output of about 1 million people on Ediz Hook (the site of the Nippon mill). I base this on a figure of 800 pounds CO2/year/adult person and then adjust for children and the elderly. (We probably thought that over 3 million moved in when Rayonier was here and emissions were changed to be very rich in CO2).

The CO2 output from Nippon's proposed "biomass" boiler is also equivalent to some 28,000 cars with 2.0 liter engines idling at 800 rpm, 24/7, year-in, year-out.

And, it is equivalent to more than one third of the CO2 output of Mount Saint Helen's volcano, but operating at ground level (not starting two miles up and ejecting the gas another five miles into the atmosphere). And, staying year after year, not ending after one year. (Based on 1 million metric tons, each metric ton equal to 2,200 pounds. --- A 'tip of the hat' to Dixie Lee Ray, a more honorable Democrat Governor).

The folks around Hamilton school (near Nippon) could become quite intimate with these people (or cars or parts of a volcano) on nights when there is a temperature inversion and little or no wind, especially if they have "weatherized" their homes.

As far as I know, there is no plan to measure the ambient CO2 level or shut the burner down during such conditions. I hear that our Department of Ecology is very defensive when asked to measure the ambient CO2 levels. Do you recall how ready they were to scare us about ambient monoxide years ago? (You will get a chance to read how I expand upon this if you follow the link near the end).

While I am at it, let me revise my 200 million "phantom" people in the Puget Sound area up to 300 million (adjusted for children and the elderly). That's about the population of the whole United States!

I care about my community (Port Angeles), the Olympic Peninsula, my state, and my country. I don't have much tolerance for those who would justify the "biomass" projects based upon the number of jobs it will create. Do you know what importing those CO2 puking vehicles did to this region? Check out the WRIA20 (Water Resources Inventory Area 20). There are graphs that shows how we over-logged, especially in Jefferson County (see Figure 1-3, page 111 of 218) in order to redress the balance of payments problem those imports caused. I know this for certain, but I also suspect we gave away our fish so foreigners would continue to accept our debt. Sound familiar? We haven't given anything to the Chinese lately, have we? (More redistribution of wealth, anyone)?

If you believe those pushing "biomass" have our economic well-being in mind, you are wrong. Think about your kids and grandkids. Think about the jobs they could have had if we had those trees back --- and those fish. (Leveling of the playing field with the Third World, anyone)? Removing the dams isn't going to do bring back the fish. It is justification for electricity from "biomass."

And, any economic benefit will be eaten by the cost of treatments for medical, psychological, and behavioral problems CO2 causes. (Can't you sense what has happened in the last 30 years? How many counselors does your school have? Did you hear about Stanwood High School? Bellingham just noticed an upsurge in Heroin. Shelton has a problem).

Out of curiosity, I wanted to check how much electricity Grand Coulee Dam generated. I was appalled to find that while it has a capacity of 6,809 Megawatts, its average annual production is only 2,300! Why? Is it "for the fish?" (That sounds like "for the children!"). I don't believe our ancestors built that much excess capacity? Is it political? Are the CO2 pushers behind it? I'll put it on my list of things to investigate. (Here's another chance to jump ahead of me. If output is decreased for more irrigation, I could support that). Is 20 Mw from "biomass" necessary?

How is it we can send men to the moon, but we can't get fish past a dam? How about getting our prisoners to form a bucket brigade and carry the fish? Careful: If we don't have as much CO2 and we get rid of our worthless officials, we won't have enough prisoners. Do you know why the old jails and prisons had steel bars? Answer: to let only the CO2 out! Now they are almost sealed with plexiglass or whatever. With control over the CO2 level inside, they can generate a riot or any behavioral problem they wish. Go ahead, google "prison crowding," "jail crowding," etcetera.

[Second added explanation --- much revised].

I don’t believe my old psych prof was warning us about CO2. As I recall the context, he was warning us about the “over population” bunch. Even in 1962 memories were still fresh about what happened the last time a powerful figure worried about “Lebensraum.” And, there were already those types surfacing again. Who could have thought anyone was planning massive doses of local CO2 at the time. The CO2 explanation was just his trump card as to why we need not worry about crowding.

It turns out that CO2 is an important clue to uncover what is happening now. I wonder what he thought in the 1970s and 1980s when it would become quite obvious to someone like him. In hindsight, I wish I had looked him up and asked him. (He was a chain smoker. While he lectured, he would light his next cigarette from the previous one. I’d love to see that these days. Imagine! Part of the anti-smoking mania is attributable to the fact that we made buildings more airtight. People can't stand high CO2 and cigarette smoke too. (It seems they can’t stand high CO2 and chldren too. Some can't even stand a spouse too). They turned against smokers just like they turned against the Rayonier mill and are turning against each other). I can’t recall my prof’s name, and I don’t expect he is still living --- my recollection is that he was in his mid forties at the time. I think he came from Penn State University.

There are people who believe there are about 5 billion too many of us. All those people who talk about “sustainability” tend in this direction. John Holdren, our Science and Technology Advisor, thinks this way, and so do the elites of both political parties.

I have watched the “over population” bunch. They are the ones creating shortages of land --- government acquisitions, land-use regulations, Nature Conservancy, etcetera. They are the ones creating a shortage of water --- removing dams, not constructing reservoirs, water-use regulations. The only way to create a real shortage of air is to create a vacuum. But, you can make people sense a shortage of air by loading it with CO2. They have done that too. All of this is designed to make people believe we are over crowded, and it is working. (Let's throw in a shortage of fish, trees, electricity too. We can do something about this. It is time to start a reasonable logging program in the National Parks, being mindful of previous mistakes out here. I am in support of building new dams, reservoirs, and aqueducts around here, including in the park. Why not? Really, why not? Can't we stop this insanity)?

Physiologically, CO2 is a waste product of our bodies. Chemically, it is identical with all other CO2. I suspect it was one of the first four pollutants discovered by man in the days before fire. Our ancestors learned quickly to take number one and number two outside the cave. Did they discover BO or CO2 next? When the CO2 level got too high, they pushed some of the clan out to find another cave (“swarming,” or should we call it "gang violence?" I know, we'll call it a domestic dispute! Remember when we were told gangs and violence were coming and they did? Remember when we were told that scores of women were being slaughtered in domestic abuse? They weren't, but soon they were. Remember when the Centers for Disease Control told us to treat violence as a health issue? Someone knew something). The time-tested idea has always been to get CO2 out from under our noses and out to under the trees’ leaves and needles, etcetera, not vice-versa. It is the reason our ancestors constructed buildings with high ceilings and good ventilation.

Think of this analogy --- Promoting "biomass" burning is like encouraging those young people who crush the timed-release medications they like in order to maximize the mind-altering effect. Under the trees, "biomass" can remain a true timed-release capsule, releasing CO2 on those bright sunny days in summer when the CO2 level is below the "atmospheric" level because of rapid photosynthesis.

It seems as though someone wants us to over-dose.

We should think twice about taking what is more like a regional source (many small point sources spread out) in an unpopulated area and converting it into one large point source in a populated area. And shifting to ‘hyper-drive’ in the process. The important measure is quantity per unit time, under your nose.

It is troubling that I cannot find a reference to my prof’s research, but the other research on crowding justifies the citing of the nasty things I have listed. Learn about John B. Calhoun, rodent experiments, "behavioral sink," the real secret of NIMH, the last chapter of Thomas Wolfe's "The Pump House Gang," etcetera. Google them, but first try The Suffocating Traveler. Then, call in the Marines.

There is a history of miners and submariners who work (some live) in crowded and cramped spaces (see, crowding does not necessarily cause anything, but more CO2 always does) having to deal with rising CO2 levels when trapped. First, they are not unsuspecting dupes. They know what they are facing. Second, they have tight discipline, and many have strong religious beliefs. (Do you know what happened during the first days the Chilean miners were trapped)?

I can cite many instances where the public has been duped about the effects of CO2. (Remember all the red-herring explanations about "sick building" and "tight building?" It most always was the CO2 and only the CO2. The reluctance to mention CO2 then is similar to Jan Newton's now. In my research, I encountered many individuals who seem to have been frightened. Media people would refuse to discuss it. One so-called expert on air quality, referred to the North Middle School in Everett by the Centers for Disease Control was intimidating the staff and parents when I went to a meeting there).

It is curious how, in recent decades, there has been a continuous assault on anyone who believes in discipline or God. Just coincidence?

While the lack of discipline also causes some of these problems it also provides “plausible denial” for the CO2 pushers. The irony will become obvious when they start blaming the lack of discipline and faith to cover their tracks. Actually, I believe some already are --- for, example, school officials blaming the parents. Some parents are at fault, but do you remember the teachers' cry for smaller class size? Could that have been because of 'phantom' pupils --- high CO2? What about the claim that the kids are tired, and we need to start school later? Or the claim about all the bullying going on?

We need to bring Robert Ardrey into the picture. Do you know about his “death by stress,” or his goals for drug addiction (why the big push to legalize marijuana at the same time as the big push for "biomass" burning and "cash for caulkers"?), child neglect, and homosexuality?

Do you see how this ties in with CO2? What do you see happening?

My old prof taught something else. He explained behavioralists and behavioralism. They are different than behaviorist and behaviorism. An example of the latter is Pavlov and the dog, which rely upon conditioned behavior. Everyone knows why the dog drooled when the bell was rung.

The behavioralist just looks for connections, which can be very obscure. My prof gave the example of taking a test. It was discovered that students could do better on a test if they didn’t eat or use the bathroom prior. Obviously, this has limits. It doesn’t work for everyone. But, if you are playing the percentages, you bet on it. Couple that with “cash for caulkers” and “biomass.” The CO2 pushers play percentages. They are in a hurry. They are giddy because they sense victory.

It seems to me that Cass Sunstein is one of these behavioralist. We don’t hear much about them, do we? Are you aware of Sunstein’s Homer Simpson and we are lab rats remarks?

Do you think that Sunstein believes there are too many of us and has a plan for us? Someone does.

[Another part, also revised]

We should re-assess the old emissions. Carbon monoxide was not that dangerous outdoors. It was used to scare us into submission. A real scientist could give at least six reasons to keep it. (I’ll give you a chance to think about this). The only problem that was really addressed was the visual one --- there was a brown haze more often. That was dealt with by incinerating the stuff that made the brown haze. Result: Smaller, more dangerous particles, more CO2, and oxides of sulfur and nitrogen, which didn't use to burn. The yardstick was "opacity." Health be damned.

I was familiar with the paper mills in Everett and Tacoma before the emissions were changed. We used to jokingly refer to the 'Aroma of Tacoma,' etcetera. However, I don't recall anyone being made sick by those mills. It appears after the emissions were changed that mills like Port Townsend do. (The Everett one has been gone a long time).

CO2 is known as a vasodilator. The build-up of CO2 in your your blood and lungs when you exercise is what makes you pant --- you take deeper breaths, inhaling those smaller particles deeper into your lungs. That is why those fish in Hood Canal were panting. As was explained to me some time ago, it is the CO2 from the algae that kill the fish before the algae suck the last of the oxygen out of the water.

Why does Newton call the problem in Hood Canal one of low oxygen? If it is dead (according to her) not living algae taking the oxygen out when they decompose on the bottom, isn’t there a lot of CO2? Why can’t she admit that? Once there isn’t enough oxygen on the bottom, then there can be no more decomposition. It is irrelevant how many algae then die or alder leaves settle there --- except for more coal, oil, natural gas, and diamonds down the road.

It is impossible to confirm death by CO2 poisoning. I'll let you guess why. Years ago, the good people at Washington University, St. Louis, showed that CO2 was responsible for crib deaths, sudden infant death syndrome or SIDS. I suspect autism is due to a near-SIDS event.

Parents who live in "tight" homes and who want to surround their babies with crib bumper guards, soft blankets, and stuffed animals should reconsider. Open a window. Are you sure the ventilation system is actually connected to baby's room? Think spartan. The bedding and blankets should be light weight and not too big. The child should be able to throw them off. (See SidsPrevention.com for more). If the baby cries a lot at night, consider whether he is experiencing 'suffocation nightmares.' The EPA, Department of Ecology, and ASHRAE are your enemies.

My grandparents insisted on the bedroom windows being opened at night, year round. My uncle had died of tuberculosis.

An old "white-hat" nurse (she had a white uniform --- it was a dress, white shoes, and white stockings) taught me that the protocol in hospitals (she owned one --- imagine that!) was to remove flowers and plants from patients' rooms at night. I suppose it was a carry-over from the days before even penicillin. They didn't want the CO2 the flowers and plants produced at night to help infections to grow. Ponder that next time you hear about MRSA.

I also attended WSU, and slept in a third floor dorm with about 55 other men. No co-ed then! The state required all the windows, and there were a lot, to be fully opened. They would open wide in those days. Our protocol in winter was to turn the electric blankets up to 9 and assume the fetal position.

History has a tendency to repeat itself. There used to be a magazine called "Communications Quarterly" in which there was an article about sunspots and some of their history. Sunspots affect communications. This is from memory and I'll let you verify how accurate I am. Some of it may only be legend, but the story goes like this ---

Sunspots were identified and first started being recorded around 1600 something. There weren't many. Close to zero just like now. (Note: We have been getting a few more lately, but this is not expected to be a whiz-bang cycle). It was called the Maunder Minimum. And it was very, very cold in Europe. The people turned to the forests for wood (sound familiar) and ended up removing most of the trees to keep warm. When things were looking bleak, someone discovered that some rocks would burn. Yes, it was coal, and it saved the day and numerous people.

Can we learn from this history? Something like three out of the last four sunspot cycles have had the most sunspots in recorded history. The early writings on "global warming" claimed the warming would start when the level reached 600 ppm. Then, someone realized it was already warming. Also, when the CO2 level started being considered, the scientists thought it would cause cooling. How quickly they were swayed by the sunspots!

Then, in the 1800s, oil was found. In the 1900s, nuclear energy. My point? God provides, keep forging ahead. Don't go back.

What will it take before we wake up and realize that the very same people who scream loudest about "global warming" are the same ones who forced the CO2 enhanced emissions on us in the first place? While they have been posturing, perfecting their stance against CO2, they have done everything possible to maximize the amount we inhale. Why? (Elsewhere in the "Warming Lie" section, you can find my 'No More Float' and 'Maximizing CO2 II' pieces).

They want the revenue from a carbon tax for redistribution and a world system. They want the local CO2 to undermine us until we beg to be made slaves. Sorry to inform some of you, but it is Biblical. You need Scripture.

But, we know the outcome, and it is good.

[Another new part --- a little Scripture, a Christian perspective, revised also]

Working on this CO2 puzzle over the years helped renew my faith. It makes sense of it all. It is the only thing that does. As I observed the forces at work and how blinded people were, I knew something big was afoot.

We don't know exactly when Christ will return, but we are told that all of God's children will have a chance to be born of woman first. Satan doesn't want that to happen. He wants to interfere. The nasty little surprise for some is that abortion won't stop God's plan. It does bad things (it is premeditated killing of the innocent, which we normally call murder) but falls short of Satan's requirements. The reason is that we are born of woman at conception.

CO2 seems to fulfill Satan's needs.

CO2 is associated with death. After death, your cells continue operation until the oxygen is used up and they have produced as much CO2 as they can. Satan is Death. Jesus is Life.

There is more symbolism. We are children of The Light. Algae produce oxygen when there is enough light for photosynthesis. Oxygen sustains us. Satan is darkness, spiritual darkness. While it is dark, the algae take oxygen and make CO2. Trees do too.

Making all the CO2 favors plant life over human life. Monoxide is more neutral. Now, who hates mankind? Are his minions the ones who scream if we make the least change in the environment of some critter? At the same time they are happy to inundate us with local CO2. We have corrupted God’s fire. (Mother Nature can’t be too pleased either). This is a sign of man’s arrogance not ingenuity. Additional combustion for esthetics without acknowledging, in fact, denying and hiding the consequences is evil.

I no longer worry about nuclear power. God isn't going to allow us to destroy His creation. He will remake it when He is ready. Not before.

The rest of the world is going nuclear whether we like it or not. We might as well get some benefit for ourselves. I believe God gave it to us, therefore, we are ungrateful if we reject it. He has provided us an example of how to use nuclear power the right way, the sun. If we proceed wisely and ask His blessing, we can't fail.

Look at our world as an old jalopy. We need to keep it running until the very end. God cares how we treat His people, and He hates deceivers. How do we protect the most people? Certainly not with more CO2.

It is possible that there could be another serious nuclear accident. But, with this, we are dealing with probabilities. If we do the same old, we are dealing with certainty. Just read the paper or turn on the news, if you can stand it. If we had not lost our nerve in the 1970s, we might have already discovered something superior to nuclear, especially if we didn't stop some promising young achiever with A.D.D., autism, abortion, or a school shooting. Sorry, that's just the way it works. God provides, if you let Him.

We must do our best as stewards --- that is all. Anyone who believes in the "sustainability" garbage wants to be a god. They tend to be the "grove worshippers." We are told what God thinks of them. And, we are told what God thinks of a world system. And, we are told what to do with the "tares."

Be careful.

Estimating the ambient CO2 from the ambient CO


I like afterthoughts. While it would be desirable perhaps not to need them, more people should have them. We are not compelled to be stuck with our original thoughts. It is not too late to reverse course, ever. It must be done with the ignorant choices we made in the 1960s and 1970s.

Since I began with algae, I want to end with algae. Let's have some fun at Malthus' and the 'global warming' crowds' expense. Malthus predicted we would all starve and disappear because the food supply grows arithmetically while the human population grows geometrically. Well, CO2 is food for algae, and if its level has been growing, it has been growing arithmetically (this is a reason why the 'hockey-stick' warming graph is bunk). Algae reproduce geometrically. They will outstrip the growth in CO2. They did it in the beginning, and they will do it again. Ask yourself why they didn't devour all of the CO2 and then die off. Ask yourself why they didn't disappear when something better in the 'evolutionary' chain came along.

Because God was, is, and alway will be in charge. That's why. Amen.

Copyright © 2010 Donald Lewis Beeman. All rights reserved.