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More Acidic Oceans?

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According to Seattle Times reporter Warren Cornwall on May 28, 2008, page B1, in "Lawmakers focus on acidic oceans at Seattle hearing," “There’s a new environmental anxiety on the block --- more acidic oceans.” The actual title of the piece online is "Cantwell, Inslee focus on increasing acidity of oceans at Seattle hearing." (This article was printed May 29, 2008 on page B4 of the Peninsula Daily News with the title "Hearing focuses on ocean." It is shown as an Associated Press story with no credit to Mr. Cornwall). The Seattle PI also has a similar article that really boggles rational thought.

This parrots what is supposedly described in an upcoming issue of Science Magazine. It shows how desperate some have become to stampede the herd.

Atmospheric carbon dioxide, CO2, is blamed for allegedly making the oceans more acidic. Put on your thinking caps, you can unravel this lie. First, let me point out the studies by Jan Newton concerning Hood Canal. I don’t believe she has ever mentioned acidity as a problem in the canal. Indeed, no information was ever supplied about the CO2 content of water in the canal.

Second, the acidic water seems to be off the west coast in the same area where volcanic activity has been noted. Recall that volcanoes give off CO2 before and during eruption.

Third, since CO2 is heavier than air and does not readily disperse, I would expect more carbonic acid formation from CO2 in the atmosphere in the waters closer to Portland and Seattle and to other sources of CO2, not off the coast, away from intense local sources. This suggests the CO2 causing the problem does not come from the atmosphere.

Fourth, the people pushing such acid nonsense cannot even read their own data correctly. The article in the Seattle Times states, “A 2007 survey found ocean water rising toward the surface along the West Coast that was acidic enough to gradually dissolve the shells of tiny creatures, which are the food source for many other marine animals.” Now, if the acid were being formed from atmospheric CO2, it would be on the surface and not coming up from below. Later, the article states, “The problem of ocean acidification has been known for several years, but Sabine said observers hadn’t expected to see it in relatively shallow water for another 50 years.” Come on. Why would there be a difference? Shallow water should be more susceptible to atmospheric CO2 than deep water. It must be the volcanoes in the deep water giving off the CO2.

Oh, by the way, if you look at the “Acid Rain” stories over the past 20 or 30 years, you will find that CO2 is overlooked (ignored and hidden would be more accurate). Only sulfur dioxide is blamed. I suspect school kids are no longer taught about limestone caves and the formation of stalactites and stalagmites. In my study of some chemistry textbooks, I noted how carbon dioxide information seemed to be lacking or distorted since the 1960s. One thing that stood out was a new caveat that seems to appear regularly as to how only about one percent of the CO2 was actually able to form carbonic acid, thus minimizing its role in “acid rain” formation. Now there is an attempt to flip-flop. Why?

Fifth, now, if only one percent of the CO2 forms carbonic acid, and warm oceans cannot hold as much CO2 as colder ones, and the CO2 level in the atmosphere has only increased about 15 percent, why would there suddenly be a change in ocean acidity? (One percent of 15 percent is only 0.15 percent!). I'll bet the increase in ocean acidity is disproportional to the increase in atmospheric CO2.

Inslee is quoted as saying, "From an acidification standpoint, the ocean is on fire." Interesting imagery, but uncalled for under the circumstances, I think. The report talks about only parts of the ocean becoming more acidic. Where's the fire? But, if Inslee knows about the volcanic activity, then the "ocean is on fire" statement is understandable but not justifiable. (It also gives a reason why the water is becoming warmer. What does the "Pacific Rim of Fire" mean to you?). Does this mean Inslee knows but wants to fool you? Who are these people? Where are they taking us? I thought Al Gore held the copyright on such language. Think about what they are saying. If you or I yelled "fire!" in a crowded theatre, we know where we'd be if we couldn't prove a real danger from fire. Per their own dogma, the earth is not just crowded, it is overcrowded. Why don't they actually have to prove the earth or ocean is on fire? Al Gore won't even debate "global warming." He should be charged criminally and forced to provide testimony and evidence. I don't care if some old hippy or foolish Hollywood type swallows this manure, but we are scaring kids, some of whom develop serious problems over this.

It was people like Maria Cantwell and Jay Inslee that forced us to change our emissions in favor of more CO2. They helped create the problem. Now they think they can just slip away under cover of 'global warming,' 'climate change,' and 'acidic oceans' while controlling your destiny (see "What If?"). They are trying to take away your freedom by generating these 'crises,' by making and playing anxieties. Don’t let them.

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